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Why Is CBD So Popular?

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It’s no surprise that CBD products are popular and they are seemingly everywhere. So, what does CBD do and who uses it? In this article, we will discuss why CBD is so popular and what people use the products for.  We’ll even take a look at some celebrities who have recently endorsed CBD products and hear what they have to say!

CBD and Word-of-Mouth

With CBD’s many advertising restrictions, we’ve found that word-of-mouth has mostly contributed to its popularity and the success of brands. Often a friend or family member tries CBD for one reason or another; they tell another person that it helped with one of their health issues, such as anxiety, pain, or restlessness. Then someone with that common issue decides to try it themselves. This has accumulated to a group of millions of people who recommend CBD products and share success stories with one another.

What Makes CBD Appealing?

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Based on word of mouth, testimonials, and limited research, people are finding that CBD can help with a variety of ailments. It’s an all-natural treatment option too. There are a lot of risks associated with prescription and over-the-counter medications that have people turning to natural remedies. Our bodies are also naturally set up to receive the benefits of CBD. See our recent article about the endocannabinoid system for more information.

What Do Celebrities Have to Say About CBD?

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You can find a long list of athletes and celebrities who promote the use of CBD for a variety of reasons. This includes Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston, Kristen Bell, and Rob Gronkowski, to name a few. Here are some of the reasons they recommend CBD: 



  • Kim Kardashian told People magazine that CBD saved her life, and it helped her to sleep at night (Frey, September 2019).
  • Jennifer Aniston has explained that she uses CBD for pain, stress, and anxiety and that CBD has all the benefits of marijuana without the high (Robbins, April 2018). 
  • Kristen Bell relies on CBD for her day to day life and takes it by the dropper-full. She uses it to help manage her anxiety and depression (Neid, October 2019). 
  • Rob Gronkowski (3X Superbowl Winner) found pain relief using a CBD topicals to recover from sports. He recently partnered with a popular CBD company to endorse a line of products. 

Should You Try CBD?

CBD and hemp products are not one-size-fits-all products. They are adaptable, and there is a variety of products available for everyone’s unique needs. They are used by adults in all age groups, from the everyday-active to those with chronic health issues. They are safe, natural products that have can provide a wide range of benefits. We personally think there is a lot to gain, and that there is a product out there for everyone. To find the right product for you, see our recent article about the best way to take CBD Always consult with your doctor before beginning a CBD regimen.

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