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How Long Does CBD Oil Last Once Open?

How Long Does CBD Oil Last Once Open? - Image of CBD products

The shelf life of CBD can depend on a variety of factors: initial quality, final packaging, and storage. If you’ve found a long-abandoned CBD oil bottle, the oil may have lost some of its original potency. Immediately after harvesting, hemp begins to degrade, but there are several ways to protect your CBD oil shelf life once opened.

How Long Does CBD Oil Last?

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CBD oil products are shelf-stable and stay fresh for approximately six months to a year, given that they are correctly stored. On each Kentucky’s Best Hemp CBD oil bottle, there is an expiration date, as well as a batch number to ensure the freshness of our products. In general, this date is two years after manufacturing but can vary between different CBD products.

How to Prolong the Life of Your CBD Oil

Keep it Dark. Keep your CBD oil out of direct sunlight to limit the degradation. We bottle our CBD in dark brown bottles to limit the amount of sunlight, but you can help by keeping it in a drawer or cabinet. 

Keep it Cool. An extreme change in temperature can dramatically increase degradation. Room temperature is best for storing your CBD oil.

Keep it Dry. It’s best to store your CBD much like you would any other medication: in a dry, safe place. A medicine cabinet, pantry, or bedside drawer are ideal options.

How Can I Tell if my CBD Went Bad?

Much like any other product, you should be able to tell by inspecting, smelling, and tasting the product. Even after a couple of years, if it does pass the smell test, it’s possible that the oil is not as potent. Therefore, you may need to take larger doses to feel the desired effects.


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