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10 Innovative or Weird CBD and Hemp Products

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Moving into the 2020’s, there are more hemp products in development or on the market than any one person could keep up with. Some of them are innovative, and some are weird, but we appreciate these characteristics as long as hemp entrepreneurs are being honest. And while we think some items on our list may be more useful than others, we would like for you to decide for yourself! Here is Kentucky’s Best Hemp’s list of 10 innovative or weird CBD and hemp products.

CBD Make-Up 

Yes, you heard that right! You can now buy hemp-infused mascara, lip balms, color pallets, and more. Although there are no certified studies to prove that CBD makes for better makeup, there is reason to believe that hemp oil itself is beneficial to the skin. This is because hemp has a natural anti-inflammatory effect that aids in soothing red, irritated skin. But will it help give you fabulous eyelashes? We aren’t sure. 

Hemp Seed Burgers & Hemp Hot Dogs

Food is another industry that hemp entrepreneurs are taking on, with some making items like burgers and hotdogs with hemp! Hemp seeds (also known as hemp hearts) are used the same way as many other vegan/vegetarian protein alternatives. These seeds are loaded with omega-3 and folic acid. In fact, hemp seed has the most amount of these important vitamins compared to any other seed! You can learn more about hemp seed burgers and protein from the folks at GoodSeed Burger. 

Hemp Sunscreen

Many might scoff at the idea of hemp sunscreen, but there is actually some merit behind this. Sunscreen can be harsh on those with sensitive skin. By making hemp sunscreen with natural ingredients, companies hope to reduce skin irritation while offering protection from the sun.  Hemp extract also provides moisturizing benefits to the skin similar to a lotion. This makes hemp sunscreen rather promising! 

Animal Bedding 

Farm owners and owners of reptiles: did you know that companies like Old Dominion Hemp make hemp bedding for your animals? Hemp bedding is available for horses, chickens, and reptiles. This innovative use of hemp is a sustainable solution that offers better absorption, creates less dust, and produces less odor. This is an earth-friendly and creative solution that meets the needs of the farm animals and the market. Pretty cool! 

CBD and Hemp Toilet paper

Just hear us out on this one; It’s not as silly as it sounds! Toilet paper made from hemp is a great alternative to traditional paper made from trees. Why? Because hemp grows faster, uses less resources and grows more efficiently by square foot. This makes hemp toilet paper a more environmentally-friendly choice. Some companies may also include CBD-infused options that may aid those with pain & irritation issues. So is this weird? Maybe, but it could save some trees! 

Hemp Biofuel 

This one is less weird as much as it is just super cool! Hemp has potential to be a source of clean energy for cars, trucks, and other vehicles. Hemp unfortunately doesn’t have the infrastructure to power all the biodiesel vehicles in America at this time, but it is promising with the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. In studies, hemp biofuel has been made from hemp seed, which is often a waste product of hemp. Also, when made with organically grown hemp, hemp biofuels could be a solution to dangerous agrochemicals and would help clean the air and soil. This can be done with a low-cost product that grows anywhere, with a process that uses a waste product of the hemp plant. We support this! 


Not well known by the public is Hemp’s ability to make a concrete alternative called hempcrete. Hempcrete is a biocomposite material, and is a mixture of hemp hurds (shives), lime, sand, or pozzolan. The mix or blocks are then used to build homes or other structures. Hempcrete is versatile, flame resistant, and a low-cost solution to the traditional concrete industry. Overall it is cheaper to make, and is a more sustainable solution to standard concrete. Hempcrete can be used to build a variety of structures, including our own homes! You can learn more about it from the folks at Hempitecture

Hemp Batteries 

A somewhat weird, but really innovative market solution is the hemp battery! Hemp can be used as an alternative for graphene, which forms the basis of a supercapacitor. This is done by utilizing the otherwise discarded bast fibers of the hemp plant, and processing them into carbon nanosheets. Once these sheets are converted into electrodes, an ionic liquid is added and a batch of supercapacitors is formed. It’s noted that hemp cannot do everything that graphene can, but with its cost saving and earth-friendly outlook, it’s certainly an interesting alternative!   

CBD Toothpaste 

In today’s world, CBD Toothpaste probably isn’t the most outlandish product you’ve ever heard of, and the reasoning behind it is certainly interesting! Companies are now taking this concept to a new level by not only adding CBD, but by using organic ingredients and being fluoride-free. A benefit of CBD toothpaste is that it may help with teeth/gum sensitivity due to its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD is also a natural antibacterial, so it may help with combating gum disease. 

CBD Lubricant & Suppositories 

This was probably the weirdest one on this entire list; CBD lubricants and suppositories. The idea is that the area is highly absorbent due to the thick network of blood vessels and their location in relation to the spine. One example that’s well known would be “weed tampons” (feminine hygiene products infused with CBD) that are theorized to help with any type of pelvic pain, vaginal dryness, and fungal infections. Although there is limited research on the topic, the basis of anecdotal testimonies push these products to be sold world wide. 

Kentucky’s Best CBD Products and Disclaimer

As you have found out, the hemp world is full of creativity and innovation that brings a variety of hemp products to market. Some of them are weird, and some of them are more useful than others, but we do appreciate hemp and the innovative process! For our take on some more traditional hemp and CBD products, we would like to refer you to our online store. Also, to learn more about hemp and CBD products, please follow our blog! Please note, Kentucky’s Best Hemp does not endorse any of these products, nor do we suggest that hemp or CBD can treat or prevent any illnesses or diseases. Always consult with your doctor before starting a CBD regimen.  

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