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Best Way To Take CBD: Inhaling, Ingesting or Topically

What is the best way to take CBD? Inhaling, ingesting, or topically? Hero image

With the many options of CBD products available, there are a variety of ways you may choose to get your CBD serving. The three popular methods would be inhaling, ingesting, or applying your CBD topically. There are pros and cons in each, so determining which would be best for you should be based on a variety of factors. So what is the best way to take CBD? Is it inhaling, ingesting, or topically? The answer will ultimately depend on YOU.

Inhaling: Smoking or Vaporizing CBD

Vaping or inhaling CBD? Image of guy vaping

When you inhale CBD by smoking or vaporizing, the effects are almost instantaneous, as the CBD is absorbed by cells inside your lungs. Inhaling CBD is convenient and may have a pleasant feeling or taste, but the dangers of smoke inhalation are well documented. Smoking would normally be done with hemp cigarettes or hemp flower, and vaporizing would typically be done with CBD vape oil or CBD concentrates. On the downside, smoking may be banned wherever you plan to use your CBD, and the effects may not be as long-lasting as other methods. So, inhaling may not be the best way to take CBD if you are concerned with any of the above.

Ingesting: Taking CBD Sublingually or Orally

Many people think ingesting would be the best way to take CBD since it is the most popular. Ingesting would normally be done in the form of CBD oil or in CBD edibles. There is a wide variety of products that fit into this category, including CBD capsules, THC-free or full-spectrum CBD oil, and the many types of CBD edibles. The CBD capsule and CBD edible varieties are discreet but take longer to kick in as they must be digested before entering the bloodstream. CBD oil, however, has a quicker absorption rate when applied sublingually under the tongue. CBD products that are ingested work over an extended period of time, and come in a variety of flavors to please any pallet! There are far fewer dangers associated with ingesting as there are with inhaling

Topicals: CBD Salves, Hemp Lotions and CBD Bath Bombs

What is the best way to take CBD? Image of hemp salve

There are many folks who think that the best way to take CBD is topically. CBD topicals are products that can be applied directly onto the skin. These products commonly come in the form of lotions, hemp creams, CBD salves, and CBD bath bombs! Topicals allow you to target specific areas of the body, and offer moisturising and healing benefits to the skin. So topicals would be ideal for those with localized pain or dry, damaged skin. Topicals are portable and convenient, but may break down chemically or face issues when being stored or left in the heat for too long. So follow the storage instructions carefully!

Best Way to Take CBD: Summary

We hope that this guide helped you learn the differences in these products, and one may have jumped out at you as the right choice! To summarize: 
  • Inhaling – Quick and effective, but the dangers of smoking are well-documented. Vaporizing requires specialized accessories. 
  • Ingesting – The most popular way to take CBD. Speed of effects varies on whether you apply sublingually (CBD oil under the tongue) or have to wait on digestion (CBD Edibles). 
  • Topically – Fast and convenient. Great for localized pain and damaged skin. Requires proper storage, so keep away from excessive heat. 
If you are still not sure, ordering a small package of each product type may help determine what works best for you.  A great place to start would be with our Hemp Root CBD Salve, or one of our Full-Spectrum CBD Oils! For questions on any of these product types, please refer to our blog or contact us!

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