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Is CBD Vegan? A Vegan’s Guide to CBD Products

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At KY’s Best Hemp, we understand that your dietary restrictions may require additional research when looking to purchase a CBD product. That’s why we put together a vegan’s guide to CBD products to make things easier for you. CBD itself is vegan, but there are some product variants that may not be and you should keep an eye out for them. This guide will cover CBD oils, CBD topicals, CBD edibles, and whether or not these products are vegan-friendly.

Is CBD Oil Vegan-Friendly?

Most CBD oils are vegan-friendly. CBD is a component of the hemp plant, and the oils are made through hemp extraction. So, CBD at its core is vegan friendly. CBD oil is produced by mixing the extracted CBD compounds with a carrier oil, such as MCT coconut oil. It can then be flavored using a variety of flavorings. For your safety, Kentucky’s Best Hemp only uses food-grade essential oils, most of which are vegan-friendly. Our flavors natural, cinnamon, and mint are all vegan options. We do have a natural honey-flavored CBD oil, which you may want to avoid if you exclude honey from your diet.

Are CBD capsules or Gel Caps Vegan?

If you are vegan, CBD capsules are a product you may want to stay clear of. The oil inside is vegan, but most capsules themselves will be made of gelatin. If you are a vegan, you may want to stick with bottled CBD oils to best maintain your diet. If CBD capsules become your primary choice, you may have to look for specialized products that are harder to find and come by.

Are CBD Gummies and Other CBD Edibles Vegan?

If CBD edibles are your product preference, then you do want to take precaution when ordering by reviewing product ingredients. Not all edibles across the board are going to be vegan. A majority of CBD gummies can include gelatin and other animal byproducts. CBD edibles made with honey, such as CBD Honey Sticks also wouldn’t meet certain dietary restrictions. At Kentucky’s Best Hemp, we have a vegan-friendly option with our CBD Dried Fruits, which come in 2 great flavors. You can find the ingredients and more details on the product page.

What About CBD Topicals?

Veganism includes not only ingestible goods but also anything and everything you purchase. All of Kentucky’s Best Hemp’s CBD Topicals are vegan-friendly and do not use any animal byproducts. This includes our Hemp Cream, Hemp Root CBD Salve, and our CBD Bath Bombs. Other companies may not have the same standards, and may even test their products on animals (we don’t!). So when purchasing CBD topicals, it is a good idea to check the ingredient list and ask the company about animal testing. For information on how to use CBD topicals, please refer to our blog.

The Summarized guide to CBD for vegans

So, we have learned there are some things to look out for in the major CBD product categories for vegan-friendliness. To summarize:
  • CBD Oils – Typically vegan-friendly. Be sure to check what carrier oil used, and if the flavor is vegan-friendly if you’re not sure. 
  • CBD Edibles – Less often vegan-friendly. You definitely want to check each product you browse to ensure it uses vegan ingredients. 
  • CBD Topicals – Typically vegan-friendly. But you also want to check that the supplier does not test on animals and that they do not use animal byproducts! 
  • Animal Testing – A lot of folks don’t think of this. But it is a possibility, so ask! 
In case you missed it or like to skim, Kentucky’s Best Hemp has vegan-friendly CBD products available in all of the above categories via our online store. However, not all of our products are vegan-friendly.  You can find the ingredients to these products on our website, and find third-party testing as well. For more information on these categories, please refer to our blog or contact us for more information!

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