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How to Use CBD Topicals

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You may be wondering how to use CBD topicals. At Kentucky’s Best Hemp we offer a variety of topical CBD products. Hemp Root Salve (a best-seller), bath bombs, and hemp cream are in our line up. A benefit of CBD topicals in comparison to CBD edibles is that is hard to overdo it. CBD topicals can be used when they are needed. They act as a powerful pain relief agent for a lot of conditions.

Consider this your guide to Kentucky’s Best Hemp topicals!

Our hemp root salve is made of three separate ingredients (MCT Coconut Oil, Industrial Hemp Extract (aerial parts), Natural Flavoring), and it comes in three different sizes (.0.5 oz, 2 oz, 4 oz).

What is it used for?

It can be used for anything that you need a topical application for. It is used to help certain skin diseases, aches, pains, joint inflammation, etc.

How to apply it?

With its thicker consistency, a little goes a long way! Wherever you have a problem area, please take a little bit of the salve and apply it there. Massage into the skin until absorbed. For rougher areas, use a bit more and massage into the skin until absorbed.   

Our bath bombs come in two different options; relax and revive. The relax (blue) is made with Aroma-Snuggable, Bergamot Essential Oil. It helps in developing positive and peaceful thoughts. The revive (pink) is made with Aroma-Warm Vanilla Sugar, Grapefruit Essential Oil, and White Dead Sea Salt.

What are the bath bombs used for?

The Relax (Blue) bath bomb is to help assist the flow of vital energy, and it helps in developing positive and peaceful thoughts. The Revive (Pink) bath bomb is used to help with cellulite and proper blood circulation.  

How do I use bath bombs?

To start, fill up your bathtub with warm water, then take the bath bomb out of the packaging and drop it in the water. It will then begin to fizz and will turn your water either blue or pink, depending on which one you’re using. Then soak in the tub anywhere from fifteen to twenty minutes to get the full effect!

Our new Hemp Cream is in a lotion pump bottle and is used just like lotion. You can use it everywhere on your body. Every pump delivers 2 MG of CBD and has a cooling effect.  

What can I use THC Free Hemp Cream for?

It can be used on the face to help treat acne, and customers are even using it to help even their skin tone from sun damage and age spots while leaving a dewy glow. It can be used on the entire body to help relieve skin dryness and help reduce aging skin. Its also used to help with skin diseases such as psoriasis and help prevent skin cancer.   

How do I apply Hemp Cream?

Firstly, make sure your skin is clean and dry before applying. Use 1-2 pumps on your face and make sure you rub it in thoroughly. Repeat with each area of the body.  


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