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Why Kentucky Hemp is the Best

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Centuries ago, Kentucky hemp was a standard of quality in the United States. In the 2020s and beyond, Kentucky is once again producing the best hemp in America and is ranked in the top 5 states for production! The two key factors of Kentucky’s revived hemp status are 1.) the hardworking people and 2.) what we will focus on primarily in this article, our growing conditions. The second being a culmination of our weather, humidity, and the unique soil composition. Together, these factors make Kentucky an agricultural leader and produce the best hemp possible!

Kentucky’s Growing Climate and Hemp

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The climate of Kentucky is mostly humid subtropical, with an oceanic climate in the southeast. We experience an average rainfall of 45” per year, with wet springs and a dry fall that is perfect for harvesting. Our summers are humid and hot, with no shortage of sunshine except during the rainy periods. In Kentucky thrives in these conditions as it prefers a warm, humid climate with adequate rainfall and good-quality soil.

Why Kentucky Soil is Great For Hemp

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The quality of hemp grown in Kentucky is due in part to our unique soil types. Kentucky’s soil holds the right amount of water. Not too little, and not too much! And the limestone bedrock is calcium-rich and provides optimal drainage. Our 3 main types of soil, Crider, Maury, and Baxter, are all capable of growing hemp. Crider is the official soil of Kentucky and farms containing Crider are considered prime farmlands by agriculture experts. Maury soil is also well-drained on a bed of limestone, which is great for crops. And Baxter soil stretches across a broad span of Kentucky, and is also ideal for hemp farming! So, pretty much anywhere you go in Kentucky, we have quality soil that hemp LOVES.

Where to Find the Best Kentucky CBD andHemp Products

Ready to see the difference of quality in Kentucky hemp products for yourself? Kentucky’s Best Hemp offers a premium lineup of  hemp and CBD products that are made right here in the bluegrass state. Our products start with hemp grown on organically-grown farms which is then locally processed and packaged in-state. We have third-party testing available for all of our products (also done in KY), so you know you are getting the real deal. For more information on locally made hemp and CBD products, please visit our online store or follow our blog.


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