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How to Use CBD Bath Bombs

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Whether your day is full of tough work, strenuous workout, or just relaxation, you can always count on a nice soak to unwind. After a long day, a hot bath can help relieve sore joints and muscles, reduce tension, and increase our moods! And while it’s hard to imagine a bath could get more relaxing, it actually can with the aromatics, full body-benefits, and natural skin benefits of CBD bath bombs. Today we will not only discuss how to take our bath bombs, but also when and why. So kick back, and rejuvenate your mind & body with our guide to CBD-infused bath bombs!

How to Use a CBD Bath Bomb

Here’s the scoop, it’s so easy that you could do it with your eyes closed! To use your CBD bath bomb, start with filling up your bathtub with warm water. Dip a toe in, and once the temperature is just right, you can go ahead and ease yourself into the tub. Unwrap the bath bomb and drop it in. It will immediately start to fizz and slowly dissolve. You should soak for at least 20-30 minutes for the best experience.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Bath Bombs

A great way to start is by lighting candles or putting on soft music that relaxes you. And then the most important way to enjoy your bath bomb is with no interruptions. So take a moment to pause. Pause all thoughts that make you feel tense. Set the tone for yourself. Make efforts not to think about your never-ending to-do lists, and remember that anything that makes you feel stressed can wait until another time. This time is for you: just you, no one else!

About Kentucky’s Best Hemp CBD Bath Bombs

Our CBD bath bombs are locally made here in Kentucky. They are packed full of Dead Sea salts, essential oils, and of course, 100 MG of CBD. We have 2 varieties: Relax and Revive. Relax and Revive are both THC-free for those who may have sensitivities to THC. Each provides a restorative aromatic experience and may help to increase blood circulation. You can find our bath bombs in the CBD topicals section of our online store.

Relax 100 MG Hemp Extract Bath Bomb – Relax: to reduce intensity; relief from effort or strain; to ease. Our Relax bath bomb for those looking to do just that, relax your mind and body. Relax is ideal for nighttime. 

Revive 100 MG Hemp Extract Bath Bomb Revive: to restore; to flourish; to become active again. We recommend our Revive bath bomb for those who could use a CBD pick me up. Revive is popular to get you going in the morning or midday if you are feeling sluggish

How to Pick the Right Bath Bombs

Kentucky's Best CBD Bath Bombs - Image of bath bombs in package

It is important that when you pick any type of CBD topical, that you pick a company that uses natural ingredients and has your well-being in mind. Kentucky’s Best Hemp products start with organically grown hemp and has third-party testing available for all products. It is common you will find companies who will cut corners on the quality of ingredients or CBD they use, but that’s not the case here. Because your skin and health are important to us! You can find the Relax and Revive CBD Bath Bombs in our online store. For more information on How To Use CBD Topicals, please refer to our blog.


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