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The Ultimate Kentucky’s Best Hemp Guide to CBD

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This is a common question among those interested in CBD. To figure out what to use, it’s best to first figure out what it is you want CBD to do for you. Is it help getting to sleep at night? Pain relief? Stress and anxiety control? Pet problems? Or just overall health and wellness. Use the Ultimate Kentucky’s Best Hemp Guide to CBD to determine which products are best for you!

At Kentucky’s Best Hemp we carry a variety of hemp products including oils, capsules, infused edibles, topicals, pet edibles & more! In this Ultimate Guide to Kentucky’s Best Hemp Guide to CBD, we will help you determine which CBD products are right for you!

Kentucky’s Best Hemp CBD Oils.

CBD oils are great for those wanting to fully customize the taste and dosage of their CBD. Kentucky’s Best Hemp CBD oils come in 4 flavors:

  • Natural
  • Honey
  • Spearmint
  • Cinnamon

Our oils also come in a variety of strengths and sizes:

  • 200 mg; 0.5 oz
  • 250 mg; 1 oz
  • 750 mg; 1 oz
  • 1250 mg; 2 oz
  • 1500 mg; 1 oz

The variety of flavor and strength means that a person’s dosage can be catered to their individual needs. Kentucky’s Best Hemp CBD oils are Full Spectrum with the exception of our THC Free CBD oil (750 mg; 1 oz). Full spectrum means they contain all of the beneficial compounds of the hemp plant.

To find out more on configuring dosage, check out our other blog post: Dosing vs. Micro-Dosing

Kentucky's Best Hemp Natural CBD oil
Kentucky’s Best Hemp Natural CBD Oil

Infused CBD Edibles.

For those that like something sweet we have edible options such as: THC and Full spectrum gummies, honeys sticks, and dried fruit. These items are great for those that don’t prefer the direct taste of the CBD oils, but don’t like taking capsules either. These options are convenient, delicious, and come in a variety of flavors to please any taste buds! However, it is important to be cautious if you have a sweet tooth! At Kentucky’s Best Hemp, we suggest consuming no more than 2 pieces (gummies and fruit edibles) every 6 hours. Another caution is to consider their allure to young children so be sure to keep your CBD edibles locked away with your other over the counter medications and prescriptions.

CBD Topicals.

At Kentucky’s Best Hemp, our topicals include salve, lotion, and bath bombs. Our hemp root salve is full spectrum, is good for dry lips and skin, and can be applied directly onto the skin. It is great for targeting specific areas for pain relief.

The Hemp Cream is a THC free lotion that can be directly to the skin also. It is unscented and can help with dry skin as well as the added benefits of CBD. Together the salve and lotion create a protectant barrier, as well as sealing in moisture.

And last but not least are our bath bombs. There are 2 scents to choose from Relax (blue) and Revive (pink). For those that enjoy baths, these are essential for easing the tension of a stressful day.

CBD For Pets.

Have furry family members? We can help them too! At Kentucky’s Best Hemp we offer dog treats and pet spray as a convenient way to give CBD to your furry friends. Our dog treats are THC free. They are so tasty that just one shake of the container will have them running! (Trust me I know!) CBD treats are an easy way to give your pet all the benefits CBD has to offer. It is especially great for pets that are stressed or have anxiety. For those with weight issues or that don’t prefer the treats, we also have a Pet Spray that can be added to their food. (Before giving anything to your pet, please talk to their veterinarian to determine what would be best for them as every pet is different and has a variety of needs.)

**It is important for you to discuss using CBD products with your doctor first. As a company we simply supply the tools to help. We are NOT medical professionals and therefore cannot diagnose or treat any condition; or know for sure how CBD will affect you as an individual. This is particularly important if you are taking prescription medication. It is especially not advised to use on children, during pregnancy, or while nursing until you have discussed it with your healthcare provider.


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