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Life After Hemp – How CBD Oil is Made

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As a consumer, you should be mindful of what you consume on a daily basis and aware of how those things are made. At Kentucky’s Best Hemp, we want our customers to have the same attitude towards our CBD products – to be aware of the hemp extraction process and how our CBD oil is made. With more and more people adding CBD as a supplement into their daily routines, it is vital to understand how CBD oil is made and what extraction methods are used!

Why the Extraction Method is Important to How CBD Oil Is Made

Depending on the hemp extraction method, the overall potency and taste of CBD oil can be drastically different. Potency should be a consideration in your product selection since it directly relates to treatment and needs. If you are using CBD for overall health and wellness, then small to moderate doses are needed. More severe conditions, such as seizures, require much stronger potencies. And of course, we want the products we consume to taste good and not be masked by artificial flavorings. With these things in mind, we can discuss the two common methods of extracting hempalcohol extraction and supercritical CO2 extraction.

CBD Oil That Is Made With an Alcohol Extraction

So how is CBD oil made using alcohol? This typically starts with either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol, two solvents commonly used in food-grade manufacturing. The hemp plant is soaked with alcohol, and then the resulting solution contains the hemp extract components. The solution is then filtered off, and the alcohol is removed from it by distillation. The crude extract is then further distilled to remove other compounds from the hemp plant, such as chlorophyll due to its bitter, grassy flavor.

Alcohol extraction also removes cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and tannins (things we like!) that naturally occur within the hemp plant. Alcohol extraction is the most commonly used CBD extraction method. It is cost-effective, saves resources, and doesn’t require highly specialized equipment.

CBD Oil That Is Made With an Alcohol Extraction

At Kentucky’s Best Hemp, we have found that the supercritical CO2 extraction is the gold standard when it comes to extracting CBD. Although it is more costly to use the CO2 method, there are no harsh chemicals ever used in production. We feel that this is the highest standard, and results in the purest, cleanest hemp and CBD products.  

CO2 extraction is similar to alcohol extraction, but the system used for extracting is much more elaborate. Using this specialized equipment, the CO2 is cooled and put under pressure. After this, the plant material is dissolved into the carbon dioxide; it then passes through a separator, and CBD oil is left behind.“Supercritical” refers to the point at which CO2 has the properties of both gas and a liquid. CO2 is a naturally occurring substance and does not leave behind any residues in this process, which results in the clean end product.

Why Kentucky’s Best Makes CBD Oil Through C02 Extraction

To recap, the C02 extraction method results in purer CBD oils. These purer oils maintain the natural properties of hemp that make CBD oil what it is! For consumers, this means better quality products that can be enjoyed as they were meant to be. Producers will find this method to be the most consistent, providing quality that is worth the additional costs. All of Kentucky’s Best Hemp CBD oils and products are made with the supercritical C02 extraction method.  We hope this clears up the question of how CBD oil is made! Well, how ours is anyway… For more information about knowing what is in a CBD product, check out our how to read a certificate of analysis blog. You can also find all of Kentucky’s Best Hemp products in our online store!

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