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Kentucky’s Best Hemp CBD Gifting Guide for 2020

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Many of us who use CBD as part of our daily regimen have someone in mind we’d like to share the benefits with. And while it is easy to pick out a CBD product for ourselves, purchasing for a friend or family member can be a tougher scenario. In the Kentucky’s Best Hemp CBD Gifting Guide, we will discuss some of our most popular gifts and who they would be perfect for.

Choosing the Right CBD Oil as a Gift

CBD Oils are a staple for CBD users new and old, but the many options do leave you with considerations to make. When looking at CBD oils as a gift, keep the following in mind: 

THC content – Is it safe for your friend to consume THC? Be sure that this is okay based on their preferences and current lifestyle. If the answer is no, our Kentucky’s Best Hemp THC-Free CBD Oil provides CBD benefits without the THC. If small traces of THC is not a problem for them, then any of the Full-Spectrum CBD Oils will do just fine! 

The Flavor – Is your friend or loved one a fan of flavors? Kentucky’s Best CBD Oils contain food-grade essential oils made through natural extraction. So even those who steer away from artificially flavored products can enjoy our flavored CBD Oils. We also offer natural CBD oils with no flavoring, for those who enjoy things as-is or may want to experiment with their own flavors. 

Quality – Quality is crucial when choosing a CBD oil to gift. A company should be able to discuss their extraction methods, quality control, how the hemp was grown, and more. Find a company that uses third-party testing, has certificates of analysis available, and uses natural ingredients in their CBD oils! At Kentucky’s Best Hemp, we make this easy for you by having all of this information available and your overall wellness in mind. 

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Giving the Gift of CBD for Pets

While this article has been all about humans so far, let us not forget our fur babies who share some of the same ailments as us. They can benefit from CBD as well! Kentucky’s Best Hemp has specially designed CBD products for dogs, including our CBD Dog Treats (bacon or steak!), and an easy food additive, our CBD Spray For Pets. If there is one thing that can mutually benefit you and your dog, it is CBD products. This is a no brainer for those looking for a 2 for one celebration.

Other Considerations for Getting Your CBD Gifts

When might this CBD gift-giving guide come in handy? Birthdays, anniversaries, romantic holidays, Mothers day; practically any occasion. You may also consider CBD gifts as a thank you or friendly gesture! You can find CBD products that meet all the needs we discussed in this article in the Kentucky’s Best Hemp online store. There you can also find CBD topicals, like our CBD Bath Bombs and CBD Hemp Cream which are great gifts for those self-care days. If you have any questions about the products mentioned in this article, please refer to our blog or contact us!

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