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How Long Does CBD take to work?

Our edible products such as Honey Sticks, Sour, and Regular Gummy Bears, and Hemp Extract Gummies all take around thirty minutes to an hour, for you to start to feel the effect.

Our Hemp Extract Gel Capsules take about fifteen to thirty minutes, for you to feel the effects, and they last between four to six hours.

Our Hemp Extract Oils are usually placed under the tongue for a fast and full effect. Once you have taken the oil, the effects are almost immediate between ten and twenty minutes. This all depends on the strength and dosage amount you take as well.

When applying our Full Spectrum Hemp Root Salve, the results can be sometimes almost immediate to help alleviate the pain. Most of our customers have taken the product for a certain discomfort in their joints and muscles, apply the salve at night, then wake up the next morning with a less amount of pain that they were in previously.


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