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Hemp for Victory! How Hemp Helped Us Through WW2

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Did you know that hemp & hemp farmers were vital to the US war operation during World War 2? Because of the conflict, there was a shortage in many of the fibers commonly used for rope, fabric, and essential materials used in the line of duty. Out of options, the US government encouraged American farmers to grow hemp for a source of industrial fiber. The Department of Agriculture even went so far as to write and produce an educational video on hemp cultivation, titled Hemp For Victory, although they would later deny the existence of it. And this came at a time of hemp prohibition where many unjustified controversies surrounded the hemp plant. 

Why Did the US Government Run Their Hemp for
Victory Campaign?

Hemp For Victory! The history of hemp during WW2 - Hemp Plant Image

Hemp was a vital source of industrial fibers in the early settlement days of the US, but the industry fell due to hemp prohibition and the introduction of synthetic fibers to the American market. One of the main downfalls of hemp was the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937, which criminalized the cultivation of hemp for any purpose. This was just a few years before WW2 would start and the need for industrial fibers would soon increase. 

Without any other options, the US and the Department of Agriculture decided to bring ole’ reliable back yet again to mass-produce industrial fibers. The hemp that farmers grew during WW2 went to make naval towlines, webbing for parachutes, thread for shoes, and much more. So Hemp For Victory was rightly-named, as hemp aided the efforts in our victory in WW2! But the hemp revival didn’t last. Unfortunately, after World War II hemp once again went into prohibition.

Hemp Usage in the 2020s and the Future of Hemp

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With the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill and hemp’s new legal status, there is once again hope that hemp can be utilized to its full potential as an industrial fiber. With the growing concern for the environment, hemp has been seen as a sustainable way to produce and replace many of the fibers that we use today. At Kentucky’s Best Hemp, we hope that hemp will once again become mainstream and leave behind its unfair prohibition.

In 2020 and onward, American farmers are starting to rebuild their hemp communities, where hemp is once again being cultivated for fibers, food products, and CBD Oil. As consumer preferences have demanded more natural products, sales of hemp extracts & CBD oils have continued to grow, and hemp is finally making a comeback. For more information on using CBD or the mission of Kentucky’s Best Hemp, please visit our website. We are a team with a passion for USA hemp production here in the heart of Kentucky. And remember Hemp for Victory, now and always! 


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