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Full Spectrum CBD Oil vs. THC Free CBD Oil (Isolate)


With all of the options in the CBD and hemp market, it is easy for customers to be overwhelmed with choices. Add the technical details (CBD isolate vs full-spectrum CBD, etc), we are faced with even more choices that may leave customers wondering if they are making the right purchase. To help understand the differences in these products, we put together this guide starting with products that contain the widest range of CBD related compounds – full-spectrum CBD. 

What is full-spectrum CBD?

When folks hear the terms “full-spectrum CBD” or “whole-plant,” this typically refers to a product that contains all of the cannabinoids that naturally occur in the hemp plant. Hemp flowers are naturally full-spectrum, but extracted hemp products can be “full-spectrum” or “isolate” (THC-free) depending on the extraction method and how much the extract has been processed or purified.

What are the characteristics of full-spectrum CBD?

  • Full-spectrum CBD products are typically favored 
  • Full-spectrum offers the maximum benefits of hemp’s natural cannabinoids
  • Full-spectrum is considered to be more effective than THC-free and CBD isolate 
  • Quality full-spectrum CBD oils and edibles are typically higher in CBD4 
  • THC (the psychoactive compound of hemp) is < .3 % in full-spectrum CBD
  • 0.3% is the legal limit of THC for all CBD products 

Kentucky’s Best Hemp offers a variety of full-spectrum CBD products, including hemp root salveCBD gummies, and our popular full-spectrum CBD oil in a variety of flavors.

What are the Characteristics of THC-free CBD or CBD isolate oil?

  • In THC-free CBD or “isolate,” CBD has literally been “isolated” from the other  cannabinoids found in the hemp plant 
  • There is no THC (the psychoactive part of cannabis) present in THC-free or isolate products 
  • CBD isolate is recommended for people concerned about the possibility of failing a drug test for THC  
  • THC-free products are best for those who would like the benefits of CBD but are worried about the use of THC
At Kentucky’s Best Hemp we want to accommodate everyone’s CBD needs, so we have an extensive line of THC-free products. These products include: THC-free CBD oil, THC-free CBD gummies, dried-fruit CBD edibles, CBD isolate bath bombs & more!

Where to purchase CBD isolate and full-spectrum CBD products

To purchase the best hemp products in Kentucky (hence our name), visit our online store! Our CBD store offers fast and secure shipping of all products nationwide. Still unsure which solution is right for you? Learn more about CBD and hemp by visiting our blog

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