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Finding the Right CBD Serving Size: 3 Tips for CBD Dosing

Finding the right CBD dosage is a process! It is one that requires you to be in tune with your body and carefully keep an eye on the effects. Here are our strategies and tips for finding your right CBD dosage:

1. The first tip of CBD serving - start low and go slow

Starting low and going slow is the best, tried and true guidance and recommendation that we can give you here at Kentucky’s Best Hemp. Even though CBD is safe and does not contain enough THC to produce a “high,” you still want to be able to gauge its cumulative effects.

So how do I start low?

If you are new to CBD with THC, you may be very sensitive, so starting with a small serving of 1-2.5 milligrams is an excellent place to start. It may also be a good idea to divide your serving in half. For instance, if you are taking it twice a day (morning and night), some people like to split the serving into three times a day.

Take it Slow

Taking it slow gives your body a chance to react to a particular serving. Stay with a specific dosage for a few days or up to a week before increasing the serving. Incrementally adjusting your CBD treatment will help you find therapeutic effects at the lowest possible serving. At Kentucky’s Best Hemp, we like to call this the “sweet spot”! The “sweet spot” refers to the dosage where you get optimal results. In CBD’s case, more is always better.

2. Start a Journal to track your long-term CBD results

A journal can be a great way of tracking dosages and their effectiveness. Some of the things you could include in this journal would be: 

  • Symptoms and needs you are treating with CBD
  • Pain level before starting CBD regimen (1-10 pain scale, 10 being the worst), 
  • Method of CBD use (topical or oral), 
  • Your ongoing CBD serving levels 
  • The effects of CBD on your ailments 
  • And post-treatment pain level.

3. Reevaluate your CBD intake and needs

Like we discussed in our blog, How Much CBD Should I Take?” your endocannabinoid system changes its rhythm from time to time. Therefore, what you may be trying to treat could also continue to improve and make it challenging to maintain a therapeutic dose. This is why journaling is helpful, so that you can reevaluate your needs from time to time!

Purchasing the CBD product that is right for you

Now that you are considering how many mg of CBD you should take, it is time to find the correct product to meet your intake needs. Kentucky’s Best Hemp offers a variety of products for your preferred use, including CBD edibles, CBD oils, and CBD topicals. You can find more information on these products by following the above links or by visiting our blog. Still not sure? Contact us today with more questions and for help finding the right product for you!


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