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Finding the Right CBD Serving Size: 3 Tips for CBD Dosing

Finding the right CBD dosage is a process! It is one that requires you to be in tune with your body and carefully keep an eye on the effects. Here are our strategies and tips for finding your right CBD dosage: 1. The first tip of CBD serving – start low and go slow Starting low and going slow is…

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DIY: Make Your Own CBD Hand Sanitizer

Looking to make your own homemade hand sanitizer? CBD hand sanitizer is a unique play on this popular DIY, and offers a much larger range of benefits! Not only is this recipe cheaper than buying store-bought, it can be tailored to meet your individual needs and is incredibly easy. Our CBD hand sanitizer DIY will only take a few minutes, and you more than likely have all the ingredients at home!

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How to Use CBD Topicals

You may be wondering how to use CBD topicals. At Kentucky’s Best Hemp we offer a variety of topical CBD products. Hemp Root Salve (a best-seller), bath bombs, and hemp cream are in our line up. A benefit of CBD topicals in comparison to CBD edibles is that is hard to overdo it. CBD topicals can be used when they…

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