All About CBD

Kentucky’s Best Hemp CBD for Your Busy Life

CBD for a Busy Lifestyle If you hit the snooze on your alarm in the mornings, chances are you don’t have a lot of time to do anything other than roll out of bed and go. Starting a CBD routine can be challenging like beginning any new habit. Before you know it, you are out the door and have probably…

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How Long Does CBD take to work?

Edibles Our edible products such as Honey Sticks, Sour, and Regular Gummy Bears, and Hemp Extract Gummies all take around thirty minutes to an hour, for you to start to feel the effect. Capsules Our Hemp Extract Gel Capsules take about fifteen to thirty minutes, for you to feel the effects, and they last between four to six hours. CBD…

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How To Find A Reputable CBD Company

When you’re new to Hemp and CBD, finding a reputable company can seem like a monumental task! Every business is different, although, there are several common key factors that can truly tell if one is trustworthy or not: The soil is tested The hemp plant, in particular, is known for its abilities to absorb and remove toxic materials from the…

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